A Trusted Kootenay Law Firm and Conflict Resolution Centre

We provide legal mediation services and family law representation.  We have extensive litigation experience and training in alternative dispute resolution.  We can help with your family law matter. If all or part of your dispute cannot be resolved through agreement, Danielle Daroux can resolve disputes as an accredited Family Law Arbitrator. Danielle Daroux is also qualified to interview children and prepare Hear the Child reports.

We provide a free 20-minute information session via video conference for separated couples interested in pursuing mediation, and/or arbitration.

While our main office is in Trail, B.C., Danielle Daroux will travel to Cranbrook for mediation and arbitration services, and is able to provide conflict resolution services through video conferencing for clients who reside elsewhere in B.C.

The Daroux Law Advantage

At Daroux Law we have extensive experience, training, and accomplishments.  We provide a mature, solution-oriented, cost-effective, and efficient approach to your family law issues.

Our Mission

To understand your family law dispute. To expertly guide you towards a solution that fits your family’s unique circumstances. To help minimize conflict, and reduce the impact of family restructuring on your children. To help you resolve your family law problems with empathy and skilled advice. To make the process easier for you.

We Can Make Flexible Arrangements

We understand many clients are hesitant to hire a lawyer because of the cost involved.  We offer unbundled legal services.  What does that mean?  You don’t have to hire us to take on your entire legal matter.  If you just want specific advice, a letter, or pleadings drafted, you can hire us just for those tasks.  On the other hand, if you would prefer us to handle your entire legal matter, we will do so.

Our 25 years plus of legal experience allows us to maximize results efficiently.  We have handled many varied legal matters at all levels of our Canadian Courts.  We can see the most effective legal path forward.  The depth of our experience means fewer hours needed for results.  Less hours, equals less overall legal dollars spent.

For personal injury cases, our firm works on a contingency basis. This means we do not get paid until you get compensated. Because a contingent fee is a percentage of the recovery, we wait until your case has been resolved before you pay legal fees.

For personal injury cases we also offer free initial consultations.